About Us

Lake Macquarie Winds (formerly the City of Lake Macquarie Concert Band) is based at Valentine in beautiful Lake Macquarie in New South Wales 90 minutes North of Sydney in the Hunter Valley region.

The band was formed in 1977 and is respected for its:

  • Positive community spirit and activities
  • The Band HistoryStudent development
  • Friendly flexible opportunities
  • Professional concerts & performances
  • Strong contest performances in local, state & national competitions.

The band aims to bring people of all different ages, backgrounds and musical ability together in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to make wonderful music and bring that music to our community.

The LMW is fun. Fun for participants and fun for the community.

The Band HistoryThe band originated when Mr Geat Ulanas and Mr Gary Shaw realized an opportunity to develop the musical talent and band experience of students graduating from high school who did not want to give up their banding activities. The band also attracted many adults from the community. Lake Macquarie Winds has strong ties with the Valentine Public School and The Marching Koalas. Throughout the History of the band community service, training young musicians and participation for musicians of all levels and ages have always been top priorities.

Dr Mark Pinner

Our musical directors over the years have been committed professionals dedicated to promoting quality music, effective rehearsals and enjoyable performances to benefit individual members and the community alike. In 2019 the band appointed Dr Mark Pinner, a professional musician with over four decades of experience as a conductor, performer, teacher, musicologist and cultural historian, as our new Musical Director. For more information about Mark please read Mark's biography

The band offers a comprehensive music library updated regularly to ensure a diverse and current range of styles and music is available for any occasion.

Our dedicated and hardworking Committee ensure all the work associated with band management is taken care of.

We welcome new members who may want to Join the Band. We take pride in our band and people and assure new members a positive and worthwhile experience where new friendships and musical ability are developed as part of a balanced approach to band activities.

We would love to hear from any person or organisation who may want to Hire the Band to perform at their venue or event. We look forward to providing a quality musical experience.

It is a valuable business opportunity to Support the Band and contribute to the cultural educational and community services we provide in the local area including developing local talent now and in the future. Any assistance is most sincerely welcome.

About the logo  Designed by Tara Clinton-Mcharg, the logo is designed to reflect the band’s new name “Lake Macquarie Winds”. It embodies our core mission to make music in our local community and expertly captures our strong ties to Lake Macquarie, known world wide as a sailing centre of excellence.